Friday, August 27, 2010


Lately I have been having issues…. There’s this urge of wanting things for myself... things like, I wanted the house to look perfect… wanting to buy new furniture that I saw in a magazine… I want to have a new phone… all these… then this morning I came across a gloomy, ill-fated looking woman… she’s pushing this cart with her four children with some of them doesn’t even have clothes on… she looked straight through me as if telling me how lucky I am… suddenly it just snap out of me.. All these material desire of mine and yet there are people who don’t even have a bit of what we can afford… And I think to myself… what can I do to make difference??? What are the things that are more worth doing than shopping??? Then there’s this thought…
“If you really want to make a difference kindness and thoughtfulness have an incredible butterfly effect. Smile often. If you want to do something on a bigger level just ponder what you stand for - what you believe in, and then seek out a way you can contribute in that area through your community. I know that the biggest difference we make in this world starts in our homes and our neighborhoods.”
You…. What have you done to make a difference in this world???