Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Valentine's Gifts

Almost 4 days to go before the "V day" and I'm looking for something to give to my honey. We can't go out on a Valentine’s date this year since he's not here.
Already bought a Php100.00 international phone card so that I can call him up (^-^ first thing that came up to my mind). However, I still need something not too fancy but will still make a statement?.

Upon browsing, I saw this site which has this cute little stuff that I’m sure he’ll definitely love. You might want to check it out yourself, although top picks for me are these…

Nuts About Work desk accents

It's an adorable desk decoration that is available at Powerbooks branches for only Php199 each. You can give this to your special someone to show how nuts you are about him/her

The Sole Project "Game On" Slippers

They say that giving something for the feet will send him/her away from you, but this pair as a gift to your partner will definitely prove that you've finally grown a pair. It's available online at for Php450.

Couple Pads

Sometimes we feel more comfortable expressing our feelings through writing on a sheet of paper. It’s a cute stationery where you can share your thoughts with each other. Available online at for only Php120.

Missing Piece Couple Necklace

This actually is on the top of my list, it sends the message right... Me missing him :) Available at Me&U branches for Php3,950 per pair.

Those were a few of my choices... still have few days left to decide. 
Although, we all know that the best gift still is the heart and the promise of forever no matter what.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Missing You

I miss your love, since you've been gone
I find it hard to go on
The summer sky don't mean a thing
I thought I'd always be strong
I got a feeling inside
and it's making my heart cry, cause

I'm missing you
and it's making me blue, yeah
I'm missing you
but what can I do
Thousand miles away, from you

So here I am, and everything's new
I should be happy in love
but all I know, I look deep in my eyes
I've never felt so alone
and this feeling inside
it's making my heart cry, cause

I'm missing you
and it's making me blue, yeah
I'm missing you
but what can I do
Thousand miles away, from you

So what's the meaning of this
to be living like this
it ain't no fun at all
I wonder where are you now
(I wonder where are you now)

I miss your love since you been gone
I find it hard to go on
and this feeling inside
I just break down and cry

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living Right

Do you sometimes feel that you might hurt somebody else feelings or fear that you might let this person down? Are you a people-pleasing type or the kind that worries too much about what others think?

Well you can start to stop trying to make everyone happy all the time!

It's either you go your whole life running around trying to make everyone feel good or you can start living and focus on your own desires and needs.

It is very common for us Filipinos to get approval for everything that we do, boyfriend has to be approved by parents (at times even our friends). Some can’t even tell other people straight in their faces what they really want to express thinking that they might end up hurting the other person's feelings. Or if you say no to a request or suggestion, you'll worry that this will offend the person big time.

Sometimes it pays off to say the hard truth and stick up for yourself. Remember you cannot make everyone happy all of the time and its really foolish to try. You can spend your lifetime worrying about other people or you can daringly start following your own wants and needs. It’s not being selfish at all, it’s just you standing on your own two feet!

Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Strenghten Long Distance Relationship / Marriage

When two hearts are apart, its really hard to make the romance work with each other. But you just don't let the core of you relationship go down-and-out simply because you're apart.

Well here's some tips to make the relationship nourish with distance between couples.

Use technology as a bridge the gap

We have the technology now that allows distant couples to be in touch whatever the distance is. Several means like chat, emails, or as simple as updating accounts on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter wouldn't be impossible now a days. Some do video conferencing or photo sharing, or even playing various online games would be fun. Basically, engage in the same online activities with your partner just to keep the communication thriving.

Do some "cheesy stuff"

Every so often you can be cheesy enough just to show your affection. This is important as it will keep the blood running through each other's veins. As simple as sending flowers even though there is no occasion can make your partner feel special again. Texting love quotes, poems, or a three-word phrase such as "I Love You!" every morning can brighten up a whole day.

Communicate as much as possible

You talk about your future together, talk about your plans and make it count. Always remember the reason for your separation and that you both have to look forward that sometime you will be together finally.

Alive n' kickin'

As long as you're still alive whatever you put your mind too you can achieve. You have the choice to keep on keeping on. Realize that no matter what the situation, if you quit, it was your choice. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Accpet me for who I am...

Ever felt like the world is going against you... well... I've been asking myself lately, have I done something wrong to deserve to be treated this way... Family and friends...and now work... whattaf...!!!

Get off it you.... be the best that you can be... just will happen I know!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A new year is here again.... new life... new beginning... hopefully new career! ^=^

Let us all hope for the better this time... for the world... for our country... for our friends and family... especially for ourselves...

Lets make this world the best place to live in by starting with ourselves and our homes. Start with love, understanding and respect for each other. Love unconditionally... expect nothing in return. Show humility and respect to others.