Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living Right

Do you sometimes feel that you might hurt somebody else feelings or fear that you might let this person down? Are you a people-pleasing type or the kind that worries too much about what others think?

Well you can start to stop trying to make everyone happy all the time!

It's either you go your whole life running around trying to make everyone feel good or you can start living and focus on your own desires and needs.

It is very common for us Filipinos to get approval for everything that we do, boyfriend has to be approved by parents (at times even our friends). Some can’t even tell other people straight in their faces what they really want to express thinking that they might end up hurting the other person's feelings. Or if you say no to a request or suggestion, you'll worry that this will offend the person big time.

Sometimes it pays off to say the hard truth and stick up for yourself. Remember you cannot make everyone happy all of the time and its really foolish to try. You can spend your lifetime worrying about other people or you can daringly start following your own wants and needs. It’s not being selfish at all, it’s just you standing on your own two feet!

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