Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Strenghten Long Distance Relationship / Marriage

When two hearts are apart, its really hard to make the romance work with each other. But you just don't let the core of you relationship go down-and-out simply because you're apart.

Well here's some tips to make the relationship nourish with distance between couples.

Use technology as a bridge the gap

We have the technology now that allows distant couples to be in touch whatever the distance is. Several means like chat, emails, or as simple as updating accounts on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter wouldn't be impossible now a days. Some do video conferencing or photo sharing, or even playing various online games would be fun. Basically, engage in the same online activities with your partner just to keep the communication thriving.

Do some "cheesy stuff"

Every so often you can be cheesy enough just to show your affection. This is important as it will keep the blood running through each other's veins. As simple as sending flowers even though there is no occasion can make your partner feel special again. Texting love quotes, poems, or a three-word phrase such as "I Love You!" every morning can brighten up a whole day.

Communicate as much as possible

You talk about your future together, talk about your plans and make it count. Always remember the reason for your separation and that you both have to look forward that sometime you will be together finally.


Paeng said...

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